Der All In One Auto-Organizer Junkie

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All In One Auto-Organizer, ideal für die Ferien!
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The all in one, in-car organiser and activity station for cool kids on the go!.
The Junkie transforms your backseat, organizes your junk and keeps your kids entertained.
With a “tech mount” for kids to share one device, both kids can access, interact and view together.
Two compact, retractable activity trays for snacking and play. Junkie also features two convenient cup holders.
Expanding compartment fits the removable, reuseable, refillable tote bag with insulated pocket, to transport all your junk from home to car.

The expandable middle section provides space for you kids toys.
The removable Tote bag with an insulated compartment is perfect for keeping snacks and drinks cool while traveling

Two retractable activity trays give your kids the space and surface they need to doodle, play and snack in comfort. Along with two deep cupholders food related mess can be a thing of the past.

The innovatative tech viewer allows your kids to view their tablet together in a safe secure way providing the perfect positioning for watching movies or their favourite tv shows while on the road.

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